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Music while you read.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

Yay! After some arduous times, myself and Ally managed to get a music player up and running so while you read you're favourite blog you can listen to some of our music!
Mind you I need to fix some tweaks here and there but for now there's two songs available (although five names come up...what the fudge?). So press the skip button to the next song...cause Asterisk doesn't work yet.;_;
So enjoy while it lasts and don't feel scared to ask for any of the music you hear on the blog, we're 'hear' all week. Try the beef!

Here's a cheery wee pic that kept me going during the whole process.

Peace, Calum
/ \

Ps It shouldn't have been this hard...Watch Bleach

*Edit* Why does nothing work? The music player should be working soon. Sorry for all those who are desperate to have something to listen too ¬_¬...*chuckle*...*End Edit*

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Merry said...

Keep up the good work.