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Depressing times

Sunday, January 07, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

Yeah, with the holidays ending today and the exams coming closer, it's getting harder to relax - which sucks. When everyone was just getting used to being free, the two weeks go by - BOOM - and then slap-bang, you are going back to school. Right now teachers will only bother about NABs and Prelims. So roll on the 12th!

In other news, the pope died. So, another one 'poped' up.

Seriously, I have nothing important to type, and I have nothing much to talk about.

However, recently I've taken accustom to just sitting on my arse all day playin' some good ol' N64 which celebrates its 10th year being hooked up (Unlike its brother 'Cube, who sleeps under the bed after 4 years) with an Expantion Pak and a copy of Perfect Dark. I Must say, great game. Hell of a lot like good ol' GoldenEye with mainly improvements, though I do miss the whole James Bond theme. I completed the game in about 7 hours, which is a shame, as that means it's done and dusted already. Yet, I go back just to shoot bows and launch knifes into the two poor firearm helpers. Great fun. There are those other difficultly settings, but I can't be bothered with them at the minute.

My poor Wii is getting some neglect, as I have nothing to play on it really. I mean, I have some Virtual Console titles, but I want some proper 3D action. Or in general, new fun. Ah well.

Before I go, I'll leave you all with this random image, enjoy.

See you whenever.

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Anonymous said...

Good on you, J! I didn't know you've got a blog. Nice to know a bit story from you, especially that gaming part. ;P Cheers, Overlord.