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Christmas, new year and all that Jazz

Tuesday, January 02, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

It's now January. For most of the world, the long awaited period known as Christmas has come and gone....a little too fast for me though. Did December actually happen? I can't remember.@_@

Anyways, I hope everybody out there had a good 'winter vacation'. Not much has happened within the Ccjad group. With exams looming and School just around the corner again....let's just say I'm starting to feel the pressure. :P

As Chris, David and James surprisingly haven't mentioned,they finally started their own web comic. Whoopee! It's been a while in debating but Chris finally took the first decisive step and started the three on their own grand adventure. I won't say much on it, I'll let one of those three describe their intentions and what direction they're going to pursue. But I guess I'll post the link;

Remember y'all it is in it's early stages so be nice. :P

Anyway, that aside I thought I'd give a random review!! This wee....post since three fifths of the group now have Wii's, with one awaiting the next shipment to come through, I thought I'd do a review on 'Power Stone Collection' for the PSP.
Having had the first one for the Dreamcast and always having my eye on the second instalment, I took the plunge and decided to buy the Hand-held remake.
On first playing the game you can select three different modes. Simply put, these are Power Stone, Power Stone 2 and a gallery collection. The gallery is really where mini-games and the end cut scenes are available to view and play, but anyway on with the review.

Power Stone

Unlike most beat-em-ups, Power Stone does not conform to the linear fighting games we are unaccustomed to see. Instead, we are submerged into a 3D environment, in which the player can run circles round their opponent if they wanted too. Extremely similar to the battle system in the Namco 'Tales' series genre for the PS2.
One of the unlockable features which makes this game unique in itself is the Rear mode, where the camera shifts to a Resi evil position behind the character which in turn is a nice feature but very hard to control.

The main theme of the game are the Power stones them self. Both Power Stone and Power Stone 2 revolve around them. In Power Stone, it's 1 on 1. Duke it out, with one main character in your focus. You have five health bars, but they go down fast, and if the opponent attacks you whilst having three power stones, there's not much point in having them in the first place. You can throw tables, chairs, pictures, even pots and light posts, and much more! You can pull anything out of the background and use it on your opponent. There are unlockable weapons in this game that are from the second game which for me is a plus. Laser beams and Kantana swords can never go wrong (*cough* Multi-player Red Steel *cough*).

But really the only items worth getting are the power stone. Collecting three of them will turn your character into an unstoppable, god-like divinity that could turn the tables on the opposition. You have two different normal attacks that drain you "super-bar" by little, and then you have two super attacks that drain all of your bar which is saying so is worth it. Although these massive attacks may use all your gauge up, they absolutely maul your opponent to death, and they're not exactly easy to dodge.

Power Stone 2

This is more of a party game in which saying, it's better played with friends.All the characters from the first game are all here, plus more, giving the game a standard total of 12 to mess around with. There are extra characters, but I'd rather not ruin your game.

You can try the 1 on 1 mode, but the 3 on 1 mode and the adventure mode are much better. You also collect money in adventure mode, which will be very valuable to you when you hit the Item shop.

The item shop is your haven from the fights in the game. you can spend hours here for one reason and one reason only. and that's the mixing system. Once you get all the items that you can from adventure mode the first time 'round, come here and mix them, you never quite know what you'll get at the end. You can also buy items, sell items, and even give the shopkeeper an item or two. I'm guessing at the moment it allows you to unlock even more stuff but I'm not entirely sure.

The best part about this game is that there are over 130 toys for you to play around with in this game, each (most rather) with its own unique abilities. From umbrellas to toy hammers, rabbit tails to crowns (which you wear), you can use them all. It's always nice to dress your character up like a total ass and then kick the shit out of someone.

Overall, the idea of having this game on the go really enticed me into buying it. The only problem I can see in the game is, as usual for the Psp, the loading times. You want to be able to pick up a handheld game and play it straight away, not wait a few minutes as a stagnant picture of a plane floats by your screen. Other than that it's a great time waster and I really like it so I'm-a gonna give it 8/10.

So that asides, let's move onto Zelda : It's Good, it does not need a review. Get it. Get it NOW!

Anyway, have a happy new year everybody and let's hope January's not too bad on us and I'll leave you all with this delightful picture. Hope it didn't happen to you on Christmas day. :P

Later y'all, Calum

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