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Someone you haven't heard from

Saturday, October 14, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Hi all, tis me, Cass.

Just leaving a short post seeing as some other members of CCJAD keep hastling me about it (you know who you are :P). Seeing as this is my first post on what will hopefully become a bigger and more popular blog, I think I should...probably introduce myself (don't expect anything in great detail, I'm currently crashing from overdosing on lucozade and didn't get a lot of sleep last night -_-).

The name's James but you can get to know me as Cass. I'm the oldest of the CCJAD at an ancient age of 17. As Calum pointed out I'm still in school and studying; Music, Maths, Computing and Art. I'm very into Music and not only love listening to it but love playing my instruments (drums mostly but I also play some guitar and keyboard). I've been playing drums for coming on 3 years and I'm looking for a band if anyone needs a drummer. I'm really into anime and manga and thanks to Chris the majority of the time I have something to watch and/or read (lately I haven't been doing either and watching and reading material is slowly mounting up :P). I'm also really into drawing and anime has probably been my biggest influence for that, I love drawing my favourite characters and sometimes even making my own. I also love playing video games and can't wait for the Nintendo Wii ^_^ ^_^ ^_^.

That is all I can be bothered writing at the minute (literally falling off chair from lack of energy and sleep) so I'll talk to you laters, see ya *waves*


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