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A little bit more about us...

Friday, October 13, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Hmm, Friday the 13th...lucky.

Hey everybody, congratulations! You've may just have stumbled upon something that could well become the starting point of the next 'Super-site' of the millennia!...Just we don't quite know what it's about yet, although I see Chris has already started posting some reviews. It's always good to start somewhere!

So for the moment let me just introduce ourselves with a bit more depth than just our names. Hopefully the other co-founders of the website will fall in suit and become inspired to write a bit more about themselves.

Well first off, my name is Calum aka Chaos-Zero as Chris so aply pointed out. I hope to become one of the main contributors to our site in progress (even if I become one in five). For the remainder of this year and for most of next year too I will be remaining in full-time education (as well as everyone else here) studying English, Maths, Physics and Computing during my last year of secondary school education. At the moment we all claim residence in Scotland, a small country in the north of Europe, a main part of the UK (which is not part of England for some of you yanks out there...Or Ireland for some Australians ¬_¬).

Anyway, back to us. We all have different interests and likes, but we all share many too. My interests include; Video games, Cycling, Surfing the net, anime (not to a great extent but still consumes some considerable time), listening and playing music, meeting with the other members of CCJAD and of course, drinking copious amounts of Irn-bru!. :P

I'll let the others post there interests and whatnot for themselves if they wish and I guess if we get any questions we might divludge some more info about ourselves at a later date. So I'll leave you all to ponder life's mysteries with a couple more names to floating around. Post back soon...if there's anything worth mentioning ;)


Ps If you want to get in touch with us you either leave a comment on the main site or email us at CCJAD.blog@googlemail.com and thanks Chris for getting us started!

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