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Sunday, October 15, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Yeah, newcomer Alistair (Ally/Jingleboy) is here! I was not here when this blog was born, so yeah, I have an excuse for being late. (LawlCass)

Anyways, nothing to special about this blog yet. It needs pictures and more randomness involving a DeLorean going backing time while being chased by terrorists with rocket launchers. Wait, its been done. >_>

Same as the rest, I'm in School, I'm 17 and I play loadsa video games. I also share Cass' desire for a Nintendo Wii. I'm also the only one who doesn't play an instrument out of the 5 of us. I make up for it by being an RPG junkie. How the hell that works? Well, as Calum would say... Magic.

I liketh Anime and manga like the rest, and I also enjoy drawing but there is one draw back to that - I can't. So I make up for it by using Photoshop. (See my 'muck about' over there... dear lord blogger takes its time to upload images).

Thats pretty much all I wanted to post. I got homework awaiting... just crying... to be done... In the oven! =D

Ah well. Laterz.


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