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I cannot be arse

Thursday, February 28, 2008 by CCJAD Blog

Hello my dear blog readers! How goes life? Haven't heard from me for a while, but not to say you've haven't heard me for the longest time. *Looks at other blog users, more so CJD*

This blog is now called CA until another person posts. :P

What have I been up to the past few months? Well, in all honesty, not much. I can list a few things, such as Halo 3, College, eating and sleeping, but nothing fantastically amazing. Life just goes on, yet each day I feel like I am waiting for something. Waiting for what? I dunno. I just get the feeling.

Currently at my college, me and 3 other dudes are making a Team Project game. (Our Group is called L.A.T Graffix, guess who suggested that one. ;) ) We are making good progress on said game which will be the FIGHTAN-type, and we aren't even supposed to work on it yet. We are basically doing the whole thing backwards. Program first, then paperwork. For more info on our game named "Sprite Fight", check out the game's dev blog here.

Recently I have also been reworking on my Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon script. Don't know what that is? Basically, it is a code which allows you to use Nintendo Wii controls for my Favorite N64 game. What you need to run it is:

*Wiimote (Nunchuk is optional or Classic controller)
*A PC with Bluetooth. (I used a USB dongle)
*Project 64 with Mystical Ninja Starring: Goemon ROM
*GlovePIE 0.29 (I'll provide link here.)
*And of course, the script I made here. (ZOMG RAR FILES!11)

Read the text file included, and that's that. It works really well with all modes, and it also contains a Wii Boxing-type mode called "Impact Mode" which can be used in-game to enhance certain boss fights.

Too lazy to try? Here is a vidya:

With that, I leave to do something else. Probably just sit around on msn, being lonely. :P

See ya around peeps,


P.S CCJAD plus extra C are going to Auchinawa this year. We will post more details when it comes closer to the time. If you are going though, feel free to leave us a comment! (And a wave)

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