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Computer Music - The unconvensional way to jam

Friday, February 22, 2008 by CCJAD Blog

Indeed, today I came across some odd tunes leading one onto the next making small songs out of the unexpected.
After being woke up at a ridiculous hour by the wind whizzing by outside my window here at Stirling Uni (good old Scottish weather), I decided I wasn't going to get any sleep any time soon. And as I didn't want to wake anyone up at this hour for any favours, so I did the next best thing; Stumbled!

Yes, fuelling the insomnia at the source I decided to truck onto the internet to see what bizarre things I could uncover next and although by far not the most bedazzling thing yet found, I did discover some rather odd yet enjoyable videos by people creating music out of Windows' sounds from Windows 98 through to vista.

Oddly enough in my opinion, each song was rather good and each became more catchy than the last but I'll let you decide which is your favourite in this unorthodox post.

Windows 98

Windows 98 and XP

Windows XP and Vista

My favourite one was probably the XP and Vista one.

Peace out for now folks.

P.S. Rather random find here but god damn, those tunes can be catchy. =P
P.P.S. Also noticed the video's are getting slightly cut off so hopefully one of us will sort that problem out in the near future. Right now, I'm too tired.

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