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Saturday, July 14, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

Hey y'all, has been a while since I last posted. I write this because in the future people will want to know how this Blog came to be and how inactive it was when it was in it's earlier stages. =P

So yeah, been a while and what's the first thing I notice? The Bloody music player isn't working. What do we get instead? A massive 'FILE NOT FOUND!!!1!!' message. Hmm, sorry guys, maintenance has never been my strong point. I'm also considering a new layout seeing as the current one seems to be insanely temperamental, editing itself so it can display it's contents in the most awkward fashion fathomable with varying effects from computer to computer. And of course to top it all off, I once again have a computer testing my patience, freezing at irregular intervals with incredibly slow opening speeds.

Yep, when 'bad' rears its ugly face, it always seems to come in concentrated shit tides.

Anyways, excuses asides time to look to the future and what it beholds, like what sort of things you can see me posting in the future. Well really the same as now, but hopefully more frequent. I plan on focusing on videos and perhaps articles pictures or general news I find interesting mixed with a narrative response to the links. I.e. a bunch of funny stuff. =P

This post however I'll be looking at once of the trump cards Nintendo unveiled this week at 'E3' which in all honesty, with their Wii having a more physical approach to gaming, was a stroke of genius.

Indeed Nintendo are always striving to provide the alternative form of play instead of the conventional controller, and with Wii Fit they may just have tipped the bar. Quite similar to the ps2 snowboard hardware Wii fit uses a board with two panels on top of which the player must stand. In doing so the console can calibrate balance and register weight of players and display the players BMI on screen. Really this is an excise game but then Nintendo are always aiming to please more than the core audience of the gaming industry.

After watching the video you can see that improving balance, posture and stamina are all part of the experience within the game which in turn is always good. But after analyzing the board itself, we can conclude that it can take us to new heights in gaming, think of the possibilities. Finally a 'new' Tony Hawks game or a more submersible 1080. Sounds good to me! Count me in. Perhaps even 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games' (sigh) will be able to use the Wii fit board.

Surprisingly on this note, nobody has posted the biggest letdown in cross-over history. Yes, if you're anything like us here a Ccjad no doubt you would have heard of the utter failure in innovation of 'Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games'. Being one of the biggest Sonic fanboys ever and being a Mario fan alike, this was possibly the least epic thing Sega and Nintendo could have done.

No this is NOT a hoax, it is the single most gutting thing to happen to the pair of them, although apparently it's supposed to be good. ¬_¬

In all fairness I will be giving it a try and most likely buying it for either one of the two platforms it's coming out for (Ds and Wii). But seriously, guys, a Sports game? With that title? It sounds like a fucking children's book not to mention that most sport games appear on shelves begging to be bought regardless of their soulless content. How can you even have a sports game with such uneven teams?

No point in gearing up team Mario, you ain't gonna win against Sonic. Seriously, he's like supposed to travel at the speed of sound, I doubt you'll be able to keep up.

I don't care if he's jumpman there's still no chance in hell he would ever win a contest of speed and agility. This is about the only event his team will win, and even so, it's Bowser the 'Bad guy' who will win!

Hmm, there wasn't supposed to be a rant include this time but ah well. Anyways, Various other titles were show cased at E3 this week such as Killzone 2 for the Ps3 or Halo 3 for the 360, both looking as slick as oil but really there was only one new title that stuck out for me, or at least, one which had not yet been shown anywhere else. And that was Mario Kart wii!

Finally a decent racing game for the Wii apart from Excite Truck! And what's this? It comes with a free Steering wheel addon for the wiimote?! Oh joy!

Here's Reggie kicking ass and taking names whilst show casing the Wheel at E3 whilst showing some footage of Mariokart in the Background.

The Graphics are looking as gruber as ever for Mario in his supah-kart.

Looking good for Wario too as he blitzes along the track

Looking over some of the other things it would be good for all of you out the to google...conduct a google search for Geometry wars, phantom hourglass and Metriod prime 3 for some more Wii goodness. Also for you Smash fans out there, you can keep an eye on the up coming masterpiece that is Smash bros Brawl by clicking the picture below to be directed to the

To round things off, hopefully I'll be able to get a new layout up and running soon whilst clearing it with the rest of Ccjad...or Ally as he posts. ^_^'

Anyways, enjoy your holidays ladies and gents.

Ciao for now, Calum.

P.s. Another random video for you as I round off....and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid is alright, it's Rose that ruins it >_>.

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