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That's life.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

I discovered this picture and found it rather touching. I felt the need to share it.

Credits go to Adonis Werther; for this beautiful piece.

In other news, last exam tomorrow! ...Er today even. =P I best be getting some sleep, though it's chemistry and I'll most likely fail it anyway.

Sorry for the lack of updates aswell to any readers of our blog, if you exist. When the exams are over, hopefully more things will be put up by the other 4 memebers.

Also looks like it's time to cut down on RPGs, and I currently have Skies of Arcadia, Baten Kaitos: Origins, Magical Starsign, Pokémon Pearl (hopefully) and Dragon Quest 8 to finish. As well as normal games like Eledees, DKR:DS etc.

I plan to watch a lot more anime in the holidays as well, main problem is locating them. I also wanna meet up and do loads of weird and wonderful things with the rest of the Ccjad crew. (Other than Ragnarok. =P)

Ah well, hope you see you guys around. I really need to leave now.

~ Ally.

Ps. Flumpmart.

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