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Huzzah the music has arrived!

Friday, February 16, 2007 by CCJAD Blog

Took us long enough but we gots our playlist going! Woot! :P

After an arduous battle with computers and code in general, I an' Ally managed to spring forth a musical jukebox! Still in it's earlier stages we'll probably upload some more music in due time....mind you, me thinks some of our members may have forgotten this site exists, but as soon as they get their stuffs up we should have a nice assortment of differing musical meshes. So far I've uploaded a bit of an assortment of choice as far as I can see and hope at least one thing matches what you guys like out there.

As for our preferences, I like anything I can drop a beat to. But when it comes to it all of us have our own unique taste in music...well obviously our preferences overlap at some points.

Anyway, I'm surprised my brains still functioning at this time of the morn so I'll leave y'all to your own devices with, hopefully, our music streaming in the background.

Night! Calum

P.S. You should give the music player some time to load for slower connections. Don't worry it will appear. And listen to all of a song because some songs have slow starts. Try something new, you might like it! ;)

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