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A long overdue update...

Sunday, November 12, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Ok, got the drift, let's have a proper update this time eh? :P

Not much to report y'all, 'cept Guy Fawkes is an awesome time of year...but you've always got the old fags hobbling out of their little caves to complain about the sound of fireworks...*sigh*. I couldn't care less if your dog was 'shaking like a leaf', buy it some bloody earmuffs!

...I like cats and dogs by the way before we get any hate-mail....if we have readers that is. XD

For all those interested in Anime and all things exciting, and you live in Scotland have a look at Auchinawa!. It's one of the things, among others, we're all looking forward too! No doubt we'll get pictures for the hell of it but if you're interested and read this post in the near future, you should get your ass on down. Check the link for details.

Apart from that there's a Bank Holiday Weekend coming up! (!WOOT!) And the 'Wii' is having a trip to Scotland for our all preying eyes and hands. Should be some good gamin'!

Apart for that nothing else much happening..except those bloody November Christmas adverts! Can't they at least wait until the 25th or something? :P

Anyway, have a good week or time period between my posts! (which could be a while XD)

Calum....now can I get my Chefiroth?

P.s. I'll get the money to you soon for Auchinawa Ally! XD
P.P.S. Hopefully the flash playlist will be up and running soon soon keep your eyes peeled and ears open.

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