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Bruce Wii!

Sunday, November 19, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Yo, how goes things?

Nothing much to report, except new console releases etc.

On the 18th, Ccjad (Maybe minus the D. =P) went to play the brand-spanking new Nintendo Wii! This was a one in a life time opportunity (Not really) as we managed to play it the day after the PS3 launch, but before the US Wii launch. So we are special, go us.

Anyway, we left for Glasgow at 9:30am (9:32 am to be exact =P) then wandered all hyped up to Buchanan galleries until we saw the crowd of people around a white stall. Our first thoughts were "Ah, bugger."

Hurrying on, we slipped into the line, which wasn't too big, but hardly moved. He waited for about 30 minutes, talking about the Wii and the other people in the queue, waiting to play the Wii it's self (The game was Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess) which incidently, 3 of us have played. Then guy from the stall goes "The time you get to play the Wii has been reduced to 2 minutes due to the queue". That sucked. After another hour, we finally got to the top of the line.

The game had been changed to Wii Play. Kinda sucky as it didn't use the Nunchuk, or use the Wiimote to amazing extent, but still, better than nothing. The fun had been granted, as me and Calum wielded our Wiimotes. It was suprisingly shiny, and really comfy. I would have spend longer looking at it, but the 2 minutes were dwindiling and we needed to hurry.

Wii Play is composed of a few mini games which will rock only for mutliplayer. By yourself, it is pretty dry. The mini games I remember consist of Table Tennis, Laser Hockey, Target shooting, Fishing, something looking like Cow riding, something to do with a rocket and Pool. We were not really spoiled for choice, so Laser Hockey it was.

Laser Hockey was basically Air Hockey, but with funky 1980's neon lights. I went Razzle Dazzle Red, where as Calum was Burnin' Blue.

Either my hand were shaking pretty bad, or the sensitivity was WAY to high, but my red neon paddle was zooming all over the place with the slightest movements. The game started after a count down, and then we started flicking the Wiimotes. I must say, it was fun. I scored first, then a second time but then the tables turned and the final score was 5-4 to Calum. (One of his goal scored by me. >_>) It was still fun though. Most impressive bit was twisting my arm and watching the paddle twist as well. The sensor bar which collects the Wiimote movement was in a rather awkward position and I feel it wasn't calibrated right, but it does a pretty good job.

Next up was Chris and James. They choose the Target Shooting game, which I avoided since it would be too much like a Light Gun game for my liking. The game starts off after another count down, and Chris was owning James' ass, until James got his bearings and turned the tables, which resulted in him winning.

Target Shooting was similar to the classic Duck hunt, but evolved with the rounds. It started by shooting targets of Red, gold (For extra points) and your opponents Mii's face (If you shot your own Mii's face, you lost points, which James found out). The stage then went onto balloon shooting, which the occasional Duck, then to shooting a can, then to shooting UFOs which was abducting Mii's. At this point, the guys were kicked off.

The Mii's we played as were called Andy and Sparky. Random line breaker. =P

We came back after a while to see the queue and crowd had grown bigger. We timed it right thankfully. =P The new guys were playing Wii sports, which I wanted to play. The tennis match they played looked so inviting and fun. The guy got his ass handed to him by his sister, which goes to show that the Wii will attract girls. We did contemplate having another shot, but decided against it.

The Wii truly is a small console, but it packs a great experience. It had most the folk around us turning their heads to look at the awesomeness.

In the same trip we went to a kick ass import shop with the latest from America and Japan and a "Zomg ogle" PS3 in a glass cabnit, which was probably bullet proof. We also stopped off at really good GameStation with all the retro consoles and rare games.

..And there you have it, our wii experience. We will have to wait til the 8th of December to get our hands on one in the UK, but we look forward to it with bated breath.

- Ally out.

P.s. Reggie Fils-aime is awesome.

Edit: nexgenwars.com

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