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Saturday, January 03, 2009 by Chris Brown

So, I'm pretty bored, and want to write a blog post. But would you believe it, I've got nothing to write on! So I thought I'd try an experiment. We all love experiments, don't we? At least as long as they blow up at the end, which could well happen! Now, fellow readers, let's take a trip into the verbose caverns of my subconscious mind and see what leaps out.

Recently started playing Dissidia: Final Fantasy on PSP (sadly in japanese), and it is a magnificent fangame. Except it's actually an official fighting game, with combat bearing a striking resemblance to the Kingdom Hearts 2 style of gameplay (read: it's fast paced, simple, and fun). Everything looks fantastic, other than some slight roboticisms with the characters during cutscenes, and the soundtrack is nigh-on heavenly, with some of the finest remixes of classic FF tunes ever created.
Of course, the main problem with the game is it's REALLY BLOODY HARD. Seriously, it's insanity, the computer opponents gladly kick your pathetic meaty arse to hell and out the other side. It could just be that my understanding of moonspeak isn't sufficient to get the intricacies of the levelling and item systems, but seriously, it's really, really hard. What.

Animal Crossing: City Folk came out on Wii a couple of weeks back. I refuse to be dragged back into my addiction, and really wasn't interested till I was shown a shot of the Majora's Mask item proudly displayed in someone's room. Of course, my internal raging fanboy went nuts, since Majora's Mask is clearly one of the finest games ever to be created - a rant for a later post, perhaps - and now I'm severely tempted.
I need help.

Right, getting slightly long here, but I think we've got time for one last rant! Seems I need to practice keeping things short, don't I? Well, might as well end on a different note. For once, it's not a game! Yes, I do have other hobbies too, shocking as that may sound. I even have a social life every few weeks, you heard it here first, folks. No, this time, I'm going to briefly mention my favourite band on the planet ever.
And that band is Coheed & Cambria.
...you know what, let's leave that rant for later. It'll be rather long.

Say, that's TWO rants to look forward to! Lucky you. But for now, it's time to bring this experiment to a fairly unimpressive end. A bit like when the fuse fizzled out on the dynamite in old western films. Catch y'all soon,

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