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Chris' Top Albums - 5: Death On The Road

Saturday, January 24, 2009 by Chris Brown

Okay, so writing this on a train that's not moved in a while in an attempt to stop me freaking out, so appologies for any logic leaps or terrible incoherency.

I was talking to a friend earlier, the writer of Thoughts from a Moogle, about our top 5 favourite albums of all time, and was thinking I should write brief reviews on all of mine. So, here comes the first in a series of 5:
Album 5: Iron Maiden's Death on the Road.

This could be considered cheating a bit, since it is after all a live album, and technically a compilation, but that doesn't stop it being absolutely fantasatic.
From the famous Maiden latin opening to the closing notes of the iconic Run to the Hills, every song on this album (with the probable exception of Journeyman, which all things considered seems an odd choice) is utterly anthemic.
As far as musical technique goes, I hardly need to comment on this one. It's Iron Fucking Maiden. They practically pioneered british metal single handedly, and Bruce 'Air Siren' Dickinson's voice isn't losing any power with age.
Now, as this is a recording of the tour for the Dance of Death album, which I'd personally consider one of their best, it's a glorious mix of classic Maiden (Wrathchild, The Trooper, and of course Run to the Hills) and the cream of the crop from that - Paschendale and the titular Dance of Death are the two that spring to mind, making for an eclectic mix to satisfy any Maiden fan, and a fantastic album even if you're not an avid follower of Eddie and the boys.
Sadly the crowd still lack the ability to keep in time. Oh well.

AFTER-POST EDIT: added bonus feature!
Chris' Favourite Track - Wildest Dreams

So! Next time, I'll be reviewing album number 4... what will it be? Who knows? Well, me, obviously.
Catch you next time, hopefully with less insane crazy train fuck-ups,

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