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Exams are over and look, the internet's here with some music!

Friday, May 23, 2008 by CCJAD Blog

Phew, after a few weeks of burning the candle at both ends I am pleased to announce that me fucking exams are finally over, and what bitches they were! And so with the first year of Uni gone I decided now would be a good enough time to post on the blog once again!

Well, as Chris has planned to do, I hope to post on a regular basis starting with a new feature here at Ccjad. Every so often I hope to upload a song at the end of my post that I have been listening to recently or have enjoyed quite a bit and would like to share with all you readers out there. Keep checking back as you may find a song you like or never heard before.

Recently, it's been kinda hectic with not much time to spare between study and work. However whilst browsing my on the interwebs I rediscovered some good video's I think many will appreciate.

First off is the Internet Party

Then there's Internet Party 2: An Intervention for Myspace.

Admittedly both are very well written with the 4chan jokes especially tickling my funny bone. If you liked these videos you can check out some more of the creators stuff : "Those Aren't Muskets" at, funnily enough, www.thosearentmuskets.com.

For the debut week of Calum's songs (we'll make up a name for it later), I selected a song from the album "Music for an Accelerated Culture" by the band Hadouken called "Declaration of war. For some reason or another (awesome band name?), this song has been stuck in my head for the whole week and with the catchy tune going on, I hope it gets stuck in yours too. It's not really our style at Ccjad, but the retro-chique sound caught me by surprise with the synth feel really mixing things all together very well. To check it out, just press the play button at the end of the post and make sure you have the newest version of Flash as it always helps.

Well with Chris' reviews, Ally's quirky updates and my music uploads, hopefully Ccjad will be able to spread it wings a little more and get it's feet off the ground.

Catch y'all later

P.S. If you did like the song guys and dolls, check out their album at a store near you or their Website.

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