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A new beginning, possibly.

Friday, October 13, 2006 by CCJAD Blog

Well, this is the start of something that will (hopefully) last for a long time. We've decided between us to run a blog about, well, anything we can come up with at the time.

By 'We', I mean Chris (that's me, otherwise known as ShadowDragon), Calum (Chaos-Zero), James (Starfire, or Cassidy/Cass), Ally (Jingleboy, or Redant), and David (or whatever he's addicted to at the time. Don't call him Superman, because he's not). So with that lot, we hope to be able to update with some frequency, but not with any timetable (mostly because life doesn't have much of one for any of us).

That'll do for an intro/test post for now. See you soon.


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